About Us

Every purchase feeds someone in need

Meals4Others is an online specialty food, personal and corporate gift store founded on a straightforward idea—you can purchase everyday items you want…at the same price as in your local store… and generate a 15% donation of your purchase price, to feed someone in need at any Food Bank/Pantry of YOUR choice.  


Meals 4 Others is part of the PS It Matters group of companies which began in 2011.  Each PS It Matters company's mission is to build monthly, reoccurring revenue streams supporting organizations eliminating hunger, improving education and all non-profits supporting our communities.

With each purchase, 15% of the purchase price is directed to a local Food Bank/Pantry of the customer’s choice.  Given that every $1 donated to a Food Bank/Pantry results in 4+ meals to those in need, Meals4Others has created a simple concept that can have a powerful impact on hunger in our communities.

We hand-select specialty food items and unique gifts from recognized and award winning vendors across the country. Gift collections and corporate gear have a broad range of price points to satisfy all gifting needs. Meals 4 Others tailors product options for corporations, including logo customization and item choices, thereby allowing the gifting process to be seamless and scalable to all requirements.

Our corporate partners have received great feedback from using Meals 4 Others for gifting needs—recipients appreciate the company's involvement with the hunger crisis and the gifts are a proven way for our partners to differentiate themselves from others within their industry while highlighting their commitment to their communities. Our Clients have received a 30%-40% increase in responses from their customers who have received Meals 4 Others gifts.

Meals 4 Others products incorporate a Meals Logo on every product sold to signify the number of meals ($1 = 4+ meals) donated as a result of the purchase. In addition to individual stickers on all food items, each gift collection includes a card that shares the impact of gifting through M4O, tallies the total number of meals and states the selected Food Bank/Pantry that received the donation. Our gear line (i.e. hats, t-shirts, golf shirts, outerwear, etc.) has a Meal logo displaying the corresponding number of meals for each item. The Meals indicator on each product shares the Corporations’ decision “to do good” with their promotional/marketing dollars and demonstrates to recipients the important impact that an everyday item can have on the hunger problem.

It really is that simple! Without spending additional money, you are able to purchase top quality products while providing incredibly valuable support to your Food Bank/Pantry. Every purchase has a real impact on eliminating hunger in your community—start now!





Michael Simchik, CEO & Co-Founder

Michael is an experienced developer/investor in commercial properties.  In addition, Mr. Simchik is the Founder, President and Managing Director of Standard Supply International, Ltd., an international distributor of engineered mechanical products utilized in the power generation and/or oil and gas exploration industries.  He is a seasoned investor in start-up ventures including a Founding Director of Centrix Bank & Trust, and has undertaken directorships and assumed principal roles in various not-for-profit entities.  Mr. Simchik holds an MBA from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, as well as a BA from Colgate University.

Jim Brennan, COO & Co-Founder

Jim has a diverse business experience that includes large corporation, entrepreneurial ventures and a support of non-profits that has spanned his entire career.  After living in Europe for seven years, he returned in 2008 with a commitment to develop and build socially focused for-profit businesses that would create monthly reoccurring revenue streams to support their missions.  The elimination of hunger in our communities by way of creating business with a "double bottom line"...profitability and donations to Food Banks/Pantries from every purchase...is his sole focus. He remains a director and advisor in a number of entrepreneurial ventures.

Jean-Paul Gauthier, Director Corporate Development

Jean-Paul joined Meals 4 Others in October bringing 14 years of web technology and strategic marketing experience to the company. As a Senior Account Manager for a leading interactive design agency, Jean-Paul worked with C-level and Director Level executives from national and international companies through both tactical and strategic web marketing initiatives. Jean-Paul's background also includes 15 years as a broadcast and media professional working at top-rated radio stations in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts after receiving a BS in Communications from Emerson College in Boston. Jean-Paul and his wife Loretta have five children and live in New Hampshire.

Annie Vachon, Director Fulfillment & Retail Sales

Excellent Customer Service is part of Annie Vachon’s core values.   Retiring from a Government career of 27 years, she was determined to find a position that would allow her to make a difference in people’s lives.    She received a gift on behalf of Ameriprise from PS It Matters that opened a door and the connection was made.     For nearly two years Annie has lead the fulfillment and retail aspect of the business with great enthusiasm.   She is dedicated to the success of the company and shows it with  high energy and professionalism.

While she truly loves her work; traveling, exploring new foods and wine, and visits with friends and loved ones are a few of her outside interests.



Meals 4 Others is proud to have a dedicated team of professionals committed to making Meals 4 Others a force in its mission of eliminating hunger in our communities.  Warehouse, Sales, Support and Administration are all staffed with individuals who make certain that the Meals 4 Others customer experience is truly exceptional.


Email us at info@meals4others.com – your thoughts and ideas will help us improve, enabling us all to do more for you and others.