About Us

Every purchase feeds someone in need

Purchasing 4 My Cause is an online specialty food, personal and corporate gift store founded on a straightforward idea—purchase everyday items you want…at the same price you'd find in your local store… and generate a 15% donation of your purchase price, to support the Cause of YOUR choice!


Purchasing 4 My Cause is part of the PS It Matters (PSIM) companies which began in 2011.  The mission of each PSIM company is to build significant, monthly, reoccurring revenue streams supporting any Cause or organization supporting our communities. With each purchase, 15% of the purchase price is directed to any Cause of the customer’s choice.  

We hand-select specialty food items and unique gifts from recognized and award winning vendors across the country. Gift collections and corporate gear have a broad range of price points to satisfy all gifting needs. Purchasing 4 My Cause tailors product options for corporations, including logo customization and item choices, thereby allowing the gifting process to be seamless and scalable to all requirements.

Our corporate partners have received incredible positive feedback from using PS It Matters companies for gifting needs—recipients appreciate the company's mission to support Cause selected by them, and the gifts are a proven way for our partners to differentiate themselves from others within their industry while highlighting their commitment to their communities. This is a win-win-win for the company/individual....the recipient...and the Cause who benefits from the donation.

Purchasing 4 My Cause products incorporate a custom logo on every product sold to signify that this product has supported a Cause important to the purchaser. In addition to individual stickers on all items, each gift collection includes a card that shares the impact of gifting through P4MC along with your personal message. Our gear line (i.e. hats, t-shirts, golf shirts, outerwear, etc.) has a custom logo displaying the simple fact that "Every Purchase Supports My Cause". This custom logo on each product displays the Corporations’ decision “to do good” with their promotional/marketing dollars and demonstrates to recipients the important impact that an everyday item can have.

It really is that simple! Without spending additional money, you are able to purchase top quality products while providing incredibly valuable support to your Cause. EVERY purchase, EVERY day has a real impact on the Cause you call —My Cause!





Michael Simchik, CEO & Co-Founder

Michael is an experienced developer/investor in commercial properties.  In addition, Mr. Simchik is the Founder, President and Managing Director of Standard Supply International, Ltd., an international distributor of engineered mechanical products utilized in the power generation and/or oil and gas exploration industries.  He is a seasoned investor in start-up ventures including a Founding Director of Centrix Bank & Trust, and has undertaken directorships and assumed principal roles in various not-for-profit entities.  Mr. Simchik holds an MBA from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, as well as a BA from Colgate University.


Purchasing 4 My Cause is proud to have a dedicated team of professionals committed to making Purchasing 4 My Cause a force in its mission to create significant, monthly, recurring revenue streams for Cause across the United States selected by our customers.  Warehouse, Sales, Support and Administration are all staffed with individuals who make certain that the Purchasing 4 My Cause customer experience is truly exceptional.


Email us at info@purchasing4mycause.com – your thoughts and ideas will help us improve, enabling us all to do more for you and others.